Last updated 1/17/2018
I've been having problems figuring this out for awhile now and I wanted to share what i got working with everyone.
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Where can I get an Online Wallet?Alt 1: (BurstNeon)
Alt 2: (CryptoGuru)
Alt 3: (Burstnation leadership has announced just prior to new year, that they will no longer be actively engaged in the BURST community. -pYi)Where can I download QBundle?

I have registered at an online wallet, what now?
You will need 1 BURST to change Reward Recipient to start mining.
As an alternative, you can change your name in the top-left corner in your wallet to send BURST from an EXCHANGE like Bittrex. But beware that you need 2-3 burst to set both Name and Recipient.

I downloaded QBundle, what now?
Go to Account Manager > Manager > Press Add Account.
Now the tricky part begin.
- Name of account = Your nickname/Ex. Robby135
- Burst Passphrase = Your 12 word passphrase you got from making the Online wallet.
- Select pin to access acount = Ex. 123456 (Needs to be longer than 6 char.)
Now we are done, you can now set Reward Recipiant and start Plotting your HDD/Drives.

Where can I set my Reward Recipiant?
Remember to use the right address for the Recipient (depending on what pool your mining with).
Alt 1: (Rewardassigment load sometimes longer, it has a 256 Bit Websocket which runs over cloudflare for security -MrWho)
Alt 2:
Alt 3:
If you've done it like this (se picture) on 1 of these sites, you don't have to do it again over QBundle.
Recipent is saved in the blockchain.

What is my Reward Recipiant set to now?
In the QBundle app > Tools > Miner > in the right column down under the text, it says what Reward Recipiant is set to.
If nothing is displayed there, your Reward Recipient has not been set!
If you newly set this, and having problems - wait 4 blocks (aprox. 16 min).
You need 4 Confirmations in your wallet under Conf. - Until then you can't mine.

How to get 1 BURST?
Alternative 1:
Alternative 2: Ask nicely here.

What is the pool config/prefix?
Warning: Deadline has changed to 63072000 instead of 6200000.

The miner says no deadline? What does it mean?
When you find a deadline, then it will appear on the historic section in your miner.

Is it possible to plot on one computer and then move that hdd to another pc?
Yes, as long as you login with your user you used in the first computer. (It goes on Numeric Account Nr.)

Can I mine with android?
Yes, you can. But it wont be profitable. As of december 2017, you need atleast 1TB for it to become 'some' profitable.

How do I check my Balance/mine process on BurstNeon?

When will I get paid?
Minimum payout is 21.5 BURST @
1 TB gives aprox. 2.4 BURST/day (updated 01/15/2018)

Appreciated the support/help?
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